“Let us Begin”

Honestly this is one of the most touching, tear-jerking back-stories I’ve ever experienced in a video game. Usually Mario games are mostly just “spin the turtle, advance to another level, save the princess” sort of thing. While Super Mario Galaxy was along the same lines, this light hearted game had a small gem you could unlock as you advanced through restoring the comet: Rosalina’s Story. 

 You enter the library and upon opening the book, a cutscene to Rosalina appears and everything become first person. A very personal, warm feeling comes over the player as Rosalina sits down with the aforementioned storybook in hand; The creators of this game did a wonderful job of reenacting what “story time” used to feel like when we were all younger, as Rosalina opens the book with a “Let Us Begin”. 
Through the book, Rosalina is able to relay the origin story of how she and lumas all came to reside on the comet together in space. As the story unfolds, the player watches a simple story-tale weave out into a bittersweet reality that many of us have heard, seen, and even experienced before.

September 18, 2012
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