Buster Jones/Blaster dies at age 71


Buster Jones - G1 Blaster dies

Today is the 30th anniversary of Generation 1 Transformers, the one that gave life to a powerhouse franchise that would stretch across generations of kids. But also on this day we get news of the voice actor of Generation 1 Blaster, Buster Jones has died. 



To our favorite Autobot DJ, we’ll miss you! Hopefully you are keeping the many others in the well of allsparks entertained. 

September 22, 2014
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One bukkake Starscream now served warm!

You anons sure are imaginative. 8|

ANYWAY! Two prompts in one!

September 20, 2014
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Transformers characters from different series that share a voice actor (and aren’t the same character).

Part 1 | Part 2

Click on the pictures for the names of the VAs, the characters and their series.

(And be aware that some have voiced multiple characters in one series/ been in multiple series. I just used two examples for each.)

September 18, 2014
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Astrotrain in 15 via madmud2730

This was the fabbest goddamn color palette

September 17, 2014
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Happy birthday, G1 cartoon!


September 17, 2014
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c’mon, you can do it

September 14, 2014
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Science, bitches.

September 09, 2014
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This is for miasmicvirus who was so nice as to get me one of those little Sunstreaker pocket mirror thingies that londonprophecy made. <3 I asked them what they would like as a Thank You and they said Sunny looking very satisfied.

My first dong drawing! :D 


September 09, 2014
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come on mech

you can fit another hand in there

(an attempt was made at lingerie but i fucked it up. maybe later. tis just a warm up sketch)

September 07, 2014
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by Starscream - G1 + 9,919 plays
September 07, 2014
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wow its the ep where they settle the real optimus with a race

for some……reason……..

September 07, 2014
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where’s your cannon megatron

September 06, 2014
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[Transformers Generation One: Bumblebee]
Requested by vitrovaky

September 04, 2014
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the ol razzle dazzle

September 03, 2014
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Officer cutie reporting for duty to wish shokkuwebu a happy belated birthday!

September 03, 2014
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