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Buff out all those kinks Breakdown~

April 24, 2014
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your are mine by:古冉_Guran·Fallis

April 24, 2014
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Bounce bounce uwu”’

April 23, 2014
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Anonymous said: 1)"Nng-!" "Shhh, be quiet, you'll the whole ship." "Mmmmmnnnng-" Metal clanged loudly as the yellow mini-bot threw his helm back into the chest of the larger mech behind him- the same mech who had stuffed a digit in beside the two spikes in his valve and /pulled./ His vocalizer gave a long, loud keen as the walls of his valve convulsed, trying to tighten around the three- "Frag!"- four appendages already pressing against every node and sensor cluster that was still firing. Two deep chuckles


April 21, 2014
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♥ ♥ ♥

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April 20, 2014
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all evening I wanted to draw starscream/megatron but then I read Megatron Spotlight. (yeah, MSS fan read it only now, lol)

April 20, 2014
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> Go to draw Megaratch

> Draw Jeelwhack instead

> ??????

> Profit

If you can’t tell Wheeljack has some sensitive wings. 


April 20, 2014
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Title: Bound
Rating: PG-13

Continuity: MTMTE AU
Warnings/themes: big mechs, restraints, sub!Optimus, implied past trauma/abuse, triggers, angst

Pairings: Optimus Prime/Fort Max

Notes: After leaving the Lost Light, Fort Max doesn’t stay on Luna-1 but returns to Cybertron and meets Optimus Prime

Beta-read by: Donskoi


He feels excited as those big servos pin him down, as they keep him in place. Fort Max’s frame is massive and much heavier than his own and he can’t move - not unless he tries really hard.

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April 20, 2014
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I am horribly out of practice on shading.. XD I liked this until I colored it haha

April 20, 2014
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April 20, 2014
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I don’t know if this is the result Pharma was after, aft smacked, digits stuffed into his valve and Tarn’s possessive nature smeared with his own lubricant on his back. And that would only be the start of things Tarn has planned, judging by his optics. He probably won’t be as pleased with his jet when he discovers the mess on his thigh and feet…

Digital trace of last night’s petting piece. Even while drawing the original My mind went naughty places and I knew I had to do a NSFW version. The smacking part? Blame gunthatshootsennui for that. I hadn’t even thought about it until the comment was made. Not happy with the smacking effect.

April 20, 2014
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It’s been three weeks since I last posted any fic ;_; So I’m writing some quick one shots to get into the swing of things before I start up again with my main fics :3


Notice me!

Written by CerysKitty

Beta-ed by LondonProphecy

Pairing: Perceptor/Brainstorm

Summary: Written for Silverblades2, given the prompt ‘I want you so much, I hate you

Brainstorm tries relentlessly to get Perceptor to acknowledge his genius,though it all goes a bit pear shaped. 

Warnings: Handcuffs, sex toys, Percy being a little dom maybe?

Wordcount: 4150

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April 19, 2014
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Double Teamed by Peanutchan

(psssst! there’s a fanfic for this one too~ Revenge is so Sweet)

April 19, 2014
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Magnus in a kilt

nuff said

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April 18, 2014
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This was a commission for Slutwarp (femme!Wing/Perceptor) that turned into an accidental collab with Nuts because Wing, femme or otherwise, IS FUCKING HARD TO DRAW

so basically I drew Perceptor and Nuts drew Wing. XD <3 happy accidental 2-for-1 deal, bb~~ <3 

April 17, 2014
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